100 Ideas on How To Handle Money In Small Business

  1. Bed and breakfast :

While travelling what can be better than finding a place to stay and have breakfast in little price in comparison to  expensive hotels and suitable for staying than cheap hotels. Yes, I am describing bed and breakfast place usually known as B&B. Places like this helps internal and external tourist that is why there will a large number of clients if you can advertise your business nicely. It is found in a survey that tourist generally tend to search  B&B more than hotels while travelling.

  1. Transportation for tourist :

We all have faced the problem of transportation whenever we travel and the same happens to people everywhere and every time. So why not take an advantage of it and start your own business out of it. Buy a vehicle or rent it for some period and talk with some tours and travels of your locality. Then you are all set to take the guest of your country to the fascinating places of your town while running your small business and earning money.

  1. Gift shop :

Who doesn’t love gifts? In present situation, gift is a must for every occasion and every situation. Going to birthday party or anniversary party or going to meet your loved ones , you always need gifts so why not supply some more products which have high demand in the market. That is what economics teach us right? So rent a place, grab some gifts, do some publicity, sell some gifts and earn some money. Isn’t that a great startup for a small business ideas.

  1. Pickle business :

No matter how fancy people get and what standard do they belong, local pickles are loved by everyone. From the native people of your own locality to the tourist from all around the world, local pickle with authentic taste is always in demand. And if you are able to make different types of pickle like lemon pickle, raw mango pickle, carrot pickle, etc. then you can attract a lot of customers toward your business. With small investment you can make a lot of earning and name as well in the long run.

  1. Nail care :

In the world where every other girl is a wannabe model and most of the girls are fashion conscious and all girls are hygiene seeker, nail care business is a great idea for business. You can provide variety of service for different categories of customers like pedicure for hygiene seekers, nail art for fashion conscious, etc. this business will earn you a lot of money once you are established as this is inelastic goods and people tend to use it paying high amount of money as well. So this is a very good business idea for people with small investment.

  1. Resale shop :

I personally have so many clothes and things that I don’t use anymore  but cannot throw it away just like that. And most of the people share the same problem. The same things that are useless to us are needed by some other  people but they are unable to buy that things from the market due to high price. Some of the best examples of such things are furniture, crafts, electronics, etc. so if you are thinking of starting a business with no big investment than opening a resale shop, where you will buy old stuffs and sell them on certain profit margin, can be a perfect business idea for you.

  1. Sport equipment shop :

In my opinion, If there is anything that people are crazy about expect money then it must be sport. Being a football fan myself, opening a shop of sport equipment seems a healthy business to me. There are many sports like football, cricket, table tennis, badminton, etc. so you will have  a variety  of products to offer to variety of customers. For a small business idea sport equipment shop is perfect if you are able to target the young customers in your shop. So opening the shop the school, colleges, university, sport arena, etc. is likely to make you a bit more high profit.

  1. Futsal :

People love playing football but there is no any playground or football ground left to play footballs that is why futsal are getting in trend these days. Making a small area like a ground by putting artificial grass like carpet is all you need to do. Football lover will take that place on an hourly basis or daily basis as per their requirement and you can charge a profitable amount of money. No any technology can beat this business idea as no games on phones and laptop can beat playing football in real.

  1. Graphic designer :

Once you learn to do graphic design, I assure you will never go out of work. These day almost every design for any show is  designed by a graphic designer whether it be designing a ticket for a show or designing the set of advertisement, whether it be invitation card of a marriage or designing the stages. So what I am trying to say is that graphic designer is in high demand in this era of technology so learning graphic design and working in this field is very profitable profession to do. If you are able to open an agency hiring graphic designer and getting the contract for various big events than that will be the best business idea so far.

  1. Online courses :

The world we are living in is a virtual world and everything is becoming virtual day by day. And education is also half way into this technology and virtual world. In this scenario, developing a platform for online courses can be very popular and attractive for the young generation who want to continue their study while working. So if you are able to manage suitable courses and content along with affiliation from concerned authority then you can earn a fortune from this business idea.

  1. Instagram marketing :

Social media is a great platform for your business and advertisement of business. Like Facebook, Instagram is also famous among a lot of people. Like users, many businesses are targeting their advertisement campaign in Instagram. So Instagram marketing is a good way of earning money. You can take contract from businesses for Instagram marketing and boost the sales of their business through the effective Instagram marketing. For your information, Instagram provide the option of focusing the age group as well which can be effective for effective marketing.

  1. Custom phone cover :

People these days are crazy about their electronic gadgets especially mobile phones. There is always competition on which brand and which model you are using. In addition to that, these days people are even concern about the phone cover. Trendy quotes and design is what people desire nowadays. Some wants football club logo, while other may want their favorite songs etc. So opening a phone cover shop where you can customize the covers as per the requirement of your clients is going to prosper a lot.

  1. Presentation maker :

Making a good presentation is an art and many people lack that art in spite of having university degree and high experience in other activities. The presentation that you are giving says a lot about you and says everything about your subject matter, so you have to make sure that your presentation is effective and to the point. So for a small business idea you can open a agency where you make presentation as per the requirement of your clients.

  1. Land broker :

People earn money and want to upgrade their living so they tend to invest in land. People suffer some loss and want to overcome the debt so they less the land that they own. Things like this keeps happening in our locality. The problem in this transaction is that people may not find suitable buyer and seller at the time of need. So you can buy the land for the time being and sell it after holding it for some time or you can act as a mediator between buyer and seller and not buying the land yourself and get a commission for that.

  1. SOP writer :

Writing SOP (Statement of Purpose) is not simple as it seems. Many people fail to write  a perfect SOP while applying for a college and they have to suffer loss because of that. So the zest is that if you can play with words easily and nicely then writing SOP for your clients is a perfect business idea for you. Once you will start the business you will start writing even better SOP because of practice then there is nothing stopping you back.

  1. Cab sharing :

Cab is expensive way of transport is a known fact for everyone but no matter how badly we want to avoid using a cab there comes a situation once in a while when you have to hire a cab. So for a change you can start a cab sharing business where you can work online where you can give your service to multiple customers going toward a same direction and charge half fees from clients. People will choose your cab as they have to pay less and you will earn more as people will prefer you than other cabs.

  1. Commercialize home product :

You mother is good at knitting sweaters and other woolen ? Your sister makes  great greeting cards? You can make  great dream catchers out of bangles? And even after any of these advantageous interest your family possess you are doing nothing then you are missing out a great opportunity for a small business idea. The zest is that you can commercialize the product that you and your family members can easily make at home and trust me that the market for such product is very high.

  1. Vlogger:

Ever wondered how your favorite you tuber  manages to make all these lavish video and have fun while making money? Well its simple, vlogging is not something only fun, you can make a lot of money from it if you are creative enough. Look at the long list of vlogger that make money without any university  degree. Find your area of expertise, make vlogs based on that, post it on internet and earn money from it. You tube can be platform that you were searching for to showcase your talent through a vlog and earn money out of it.

  1. Travel Guide :

For a small business idea, travel guide can be a great way of starting. Start with your locality, find some of the tourist who are visiting the places around your area and help them see the most beautiful places and tell them the history of that place too. That’s what a travel guide does to earn money, aside of that you can be friends with people from different culture and tradition which will definitely help you to become a social and extrovert person. You can even try this in leisure time like vacations.

  1. Teen counselor:

We are in the era where everyone knows their human rights and demand for it. In pursuit of freedom as a human rights many teens are found to lose track of life and get involved in various illegal and risky activities like drugs, kidnapping, and even killing. And most parents faced the problem where they are unable to make them understand. For such situation, you can open a business where you can counsel teens on various matters and help them overcome such illegal practices. If you are good at talking out of a people than it must a great business idea and their parents will pay you a lot for your service.

  1. Food blogger :

Blogging is a very creative and attractive way of earning money. Just search the top food blogger in internet then you will find how food blogger earn their livelihood. Find some food blogger in Instagram and get inspired right away. If you own a restaurant, then food blogging can also help your café or restaurant to prosper. Blogging itself can be profitable for you and if it’s about food and if you have knowledge about food then you can earn even more.

  1. Freelance proofreader :

Everyday there are thousands of text that needs to be published and print and every human being make mistakes no matter how good they are in writing. So proof reading is becoming more of a need for every organization that need to publish texts and articles. Thus you can  be a become a proof reader for such organizations and earn your money out of it. If you can make contact with editors then it’s likely that you will never ran out of work.

  1. Ceramics :

I wonder when will the demand of ceramics will go low in market ? while answering this question, the possible answer is a NO. No matter how much we develop in our living standard the demand and hype of ceramics will always boost because of its quality and elegance. So if you start trading and selling ceramics or utensils made of ceramics, you will never be in loss  because the price of ceramics will likely to rise with every passing days.

  1. Peer to peer lending :

The history is the proof that peer to peer lending is the great source of investing your money. My grandfather use to tell me that how they used to lend each other in the time of need at certain percentage to their friend when banks where not much in hype. I am not suggesting you to give away your money to anyone but to trusted people and earn money while helping them. Peer to peer lending is a win win situation for you and your friends and a great idea of business. Yes , please give it a try and tell us the story!

  1. Print newspapers :

Printing newspaper seems very hectic work to do but if you can hire some good people and invest some money to it then you can print your newspaper and sell it around your locality at first. Once you get started in this business then you can cover every big and small activities of your place while providing big news of international scenario. I don’t think you will ran out of news any day because every day so much is happening in world. You can even make various parts for various categories of people like kids, adults, senior citizens etc.

  1. Crowdfunding :

Sometime when you get money from people on street, it doesn’t have to be a source of begging. If you can invest some money to rehearse an act or choreograph a dance and show it in a public area to earn some money than it can also be a good business idea. You can even sing a song, play guitar, play violin, etc. and earn money from it. If you are an artist then crowdfunding in exchange of some good piece of art in form of dance, songs, act etc. is a great way to invest your money and earn from it.

  1. Translator agency:

In this global world, almost every business organization trade or interact with other business organization  beyond the national territory. Those business organization  may use their own native language which will create barrier in communication. In such case, if you can speak multiple language then you can work as a translator for them or you can even open a agency and employ people who know various languages and deploy them to other client organization as per their requirement of language. That might be worth it!

  1. In home help for disabled:

It’s not an easy task to take care of people who are physically or mentally disable and they need a person to take care on a regular basis. So what you can do is find some people and train them to take care of disabled and deploy them to your clients house. You can receive money from the clients and pay those worker as per the contract. This can be  a great business idea to invest small money.

  1. Comedy club :

There are various comedy club in town and most of them are usually pack. It is because people always respect good sense of humor. So if you want to invest your money then you can open a comedy club and charge ticket for the show. In various city of the world, comedy club is developing in fast pace than it used to develop. For a side business, you can even sell drinks and food to the customers and boost the business even more.

  1. Online surveys :

There are hundreds and thousands of surveys that takes place every day in the internet. And there are many business houses whose main work is to take surveys and provide result to the client. You might have guessed the new business idea that I am suggesting. Yes, you are right. You can take these online surveys for those business houses and provide them effective result for earning some money out of it. The task of taking surveys is not that hectic once you make an effective questionnaire. So it can be  a great idea to handle your money in  a small scale.

  1. Rent out your car :

You use your car to reach your workplace in the morning and use it again to go back to your home and your car remain idle all day in your parking space.in this situation,you can earn money out of it as some people need vehicle only at daytime. You can utilize the resource that you already havefor a business idea. Simply, you can rent out your vehicle when you are not using it and earn money out of it. Give that a try!

  1. Wall painting :

In every place in the world the work of construction is going on. And after the completion of construction the work of painting always arises. So for a small business idea you can open a painting agency and take contract to paint the houses, offices for the client. If you can hire good artist who can paint artistic things on the wall as per the requirement of client then your business can boost even more. That seems impressive and very fascinating. I think everyone should try this!

  1. Furniture business :

Isn’t it good that the fashion of furniture is very board. Some prefer the furniture made by wood whereas some prefer the furniture made by plastic. The options doesn’t end there as some people prefer bamboos over aluminum. So opening a furniture business providing various categories of furniture as per the taste and preferences of the client can provide you a great percentage of return. This is very interesting to just hear about, why do not you give it a try?

  1. Garment factory :

Garment factory is a kind of factory that is profitable in any part of the world as each person living in the world need clothes and people own garment in numbers that they can afford which suggest that every single person owns more than a pair of clothes. So if you analyze the population of the world you will be convinced that garment industry is very profitable business to invest your money. If you are able to design beautiful dresses than your name and demand is likely to increase along with your business.

  1. Stone crafting :

One of the most liked product by tourist or art lover is stone craft. Its looks so beautiful in your living room, dining table, car and even in terrace. So if you can do the business of stone craft you are likely to earn fortune. You can buy the craft in from labors and sell it to tourists to earn money out of it. If you can make the craft yourself then its even better. Moreover you can even hire craftsman on daily or hourly basis who will craft it out for you. It seems to be a profitable business to me.

  1. Circus :

Few decades ago, the hype of circus was very high than now. The value of circus is decreasing because of technologies. So for a business idea you can recreate your youth era by opening a circus. You can even conduct potable circus in different cities. Hire some jokers and place some games in an open field then in no time people will come to enjoy the shows along with the food. The kids of new generation will get some break from their mobile phones and computer. Opening a circus seems to be a great business idea to invest your small saving into a profitable return. Give it a try and you might make a new history!

  1. Fashion designer :

We already talked about managing fashion for other people but here we are talking about creating a fashion. Fashion world is so dynamic. Everyday some new design is emerging in the fashion industry and the one to make such fashion is always in a profit. So for a business you can open a fashion house and make new fashion. If you are able to set a trend of the fashion you create than you can make  a fortune. Your goodwill will reach a new height along with profit. If you have knowledge about fashion industry then this can be a best business idea for you.

  1. Cup printing :

When I was in 8th grade, my friend gifted me a cup with our photo printed in it. Since then I am so fascinated by the idea of making customized cups. With the develop in technology, it is possible to print a cup that shows one photo when it is empty and shows another photo when hot beverages is pour in it. Like this there are many other techniques that you can use in your cup printing business. Printed cup can be  a great gift for birthdays, anniversary, and even as a souvenir of some places that you visit. So in my opinion, cup printing can be a great business idea for small scale business. Give that a try and share it to us!

  1. Tattoo shop :

Tattoo craze is increasing a lot lately. Many youth are fascinated by tattoos as they claim their body to be a place where art should be place so they get themselves with the things that fascinates them, motivates them and the things that they love. So we can easily conclude that tattoo business is very profitable business if you are able to target the youth people toward it. Hiring few tattoo artist can buy some equipment then you are all set to start your new business.

  1. Handmade dolls :

As I said earlier that the demand for hand made goods are always high as people love customize products and machines creates a similar product. Among all other handmade kinds of stuff, handmade dolls are mostly loved by customers. Making dolls at home is not that hard once you get used to it. You can even hire unemployed people after some training and produce handmade dolls in large quantity and export it to other countries. If you are able to export your dolls beyond the national boundaries then you will make a lot of money out of it. Thus, handmade dolls is a profitable small business.

So these are the 100 ideas on how you can handle your money in small business and earn big profit out of it. All these ideas are easy and simple to apply in a real business world. Most of them can be started in your locality before you can expand it into larger area and turn your small business into a big business with high profitability. And if you think you can give a try and make yourself proud, count us in too! Send us your journey and all the fascinating stories so that we can share it with everybody else. Like us on our facebook page and share the page!

Writer: Susan Basel

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