100 Ideas on How To Handle Money In Small Business

  1. Food delivery :

Who doesn’t love to eat the food they want without having to dress up and go out to eat. Exactly, that is where you can make your share of money. You don’t have to own a restaurant or hotels or fast food café. You just need to buy it from the restaurant and deliver it to the customers and charge them your commissions. As simple as that. And in the world of lazy people all around you, delivering food can be profitable business. With the addition of food tracking  system in your business you can be hit in couple of days.

  1. Personal beauty care :

In present world, people want everything at their doorstep or at fingertips. So people searching for personal care services in their doorstep is the target customer for your next business idea. Beauty care services like threading, waxing, haircut, hair color etc. along with  beauty care product like lotion, hair vitamin, shampoo, conditioner, facial kit etc. is what you can offer to customer as per their requirements. This can be very effective in small scale providing services to people of your own locality gradually developing through word of mouth advertising.

  1. Lock smith :

Have you ever faced the situation when you forget your keys? When you lock your doors with keys inside the room ? Well, that situation takes place in everyone’s life  and in that moment we need a person from locksmith business. Being a locksmith or employing  lock smith both can be profitable for small scale business. You can even manufacture locks and keys in a small scale for a startup. Lock smith can seem as a very small business but in a city with high population within small territory, this business can be very effective and you don’t have to employ all your time for the business.

  1. Nutritionist :

If you are good at counting calories then the business of nutritionist is suitable business for you, Just kidding. But if you have knowledge on perfect balance diet for different ages of people  and for various need of people. Planning the meal for clients or patients, encouraging people to adapt healthy eating habits, counsel people on diet plan, nutrition,  healthy meal, etc. are some of the task you are required to do. As this job is directly related to the health of people, people are likely to pay more for the knowledge you have. You don’t even need inventories and other expenses. Your knowledge is all that will run your business in the path of success.

  1. Motivational speaker :

Do you speak a lot Irrespective of people, place and time? Do you enjoy speaking? Are you confident in speaking? Then motivational speaking is the best sole business you can start. Get in to the front, talk confidently about the fear and love, power and attitude, happiness and sadness. Speak so that people can be a bit more motivated than before. Just keep speaking and motivating and soon you will earn more money than before along with reputation and prestige. For confident and influential people, motivational speaker is the best that they can get for the profession.

  1. Pest controller :

Another applicable idea to handle money in small business is to open a pest control business. It’s not always possible to use Baygon or Mortin to get rid of the insect animals and worms in the house. For insects like cockroaches, rats, lizards, spiders etc. insecticides are required and people are not comfortable to use those pesticides by themselves. So for a business you can start a pest controller business and take over the task of cleaning houses from the insects and worms and get paid for your service. As long as the insects are living in this world, you will never get out of work.

  1. House cleaner :

Cleaning rooms every day is a different thing but when you need to have special guest in the house, or need to clean up the house for some festivals or occasions then cleaning all your house by yourself is a hectic and time consuming thing to do. So anyone can start a house cleaning services where they get contract from the owner to clean the house and get paid for the service. Sometime you might get lucky and get the long term contract of cleaning house like in weekly basis or in monthly basis for a year or even more than a year. This business can prosper within your locality.

  1. Speech writer :

Writing is not a cup of tea for everybody. While for some people it’s can be as easy as eating. If you belong to second category of the people then former category is your target customer for speech writing business. It may sound impossible to begin with but once you start writing for busy but important people as per requirement then people will realize how profitable and effective way of business is speech writing actually is. Speech for opening ceremony, speech for promotional activities, speech for orientation program etc. is what this business will serve to its customer.

  1. Bartender trainer :

If you have the skill of bartender but cannot earn your livelihood from it and want to earn more money from business ? Then providing training to aspirant people on bartending skills is what you can do for a business. Bartending  is an interesting job which attracts many youth and you can use those youth as your business clients and teach them the skills that you already have. You can even work part-time and earn money from both teaching and working at the same time. So for a person having skills of bartending the bartender training agency is the suitable business idea.

  1. Barista trainer :

It’s easy to open business for people having some specific skills. If you are a barista then it even easier for you. Providing barista training classes for people is profitable and perpetual business. The coffee business can never ends and as long as coffee business continue to prosper, barista training institute will also prosper. Like bartender training you can work part time as a trainer and part time as a barista in your own coffee shop and training institute. In this way you can handle a profitable but small business. Barista  trainer is always appealing for teens and convincing teens to be your client is not hard thing to do.

  1. Portable Cookie  shop :

I don’t think anybody is ever full for a bite of cookie. If its morning, in the middle of your work, lunch time or tea break everybody loves cookie. That is why portable cookie shop is a very good option for a small business idea. Small procedure, one moving vehicles and you are already a owner of a business that too profitable business. You can hire a truck and move around the city as people are pretty excited to see a food truck passing by your street. You can even make online deliveries and earn even more. Variety of cookie in a portable vehicle is a great business idea.

  1. Fashion advisor :
    Nowadays, everyone is crazy for fashion and fashions varies from age group to profession. People like and desire the fashion created by famous brands like Gucci, Givenchy, Prada, H &M, Zara, Levis but even having a lot of money to spend on clothes, people lack the sense of fashion. The knowledge of how to match the outfit, color combination, etc. is very essential to be fashionable. So a fashion advisor plays a vital role in peoples life. Being a fashion advisor and answering simple fashion question will give them perfect fashion idea and will give you perfect business idea.
  2. Book dealer :

Addiction is not always bad. People can be addicted to travelling, reading etc. and the addiction like this are very good. As a book lover I have always faced a problem of not getting the book that I want to read. If one person is a book addict then he wont be satisfied reading a pdf or soft copy version. This is where your business idea lies. You can be a book dealer and sell different types of books that may be course book of students, novels, inspirational book etc.  and you will make a great money out of it.

  1. Dance instructor :

Being good at one thing is not enough for this generation. So parents make sure that their kid are good at many things at a time. So they tend to send their kids  at dance school at a very young age. And once they get a bit used to it they want to learn more and that is why there are so many dance classes running successfully. For your business idea you can improvise some of the dance class rules and way of teaching. Personal dance instructor, different packages of dances at a  price etc. is what you can do to make your class different and attractive than other dance classes in your locality.

  1. Photographer :

Clicking photos is hobby for some people while passion for other people. But one thing is sure that everybody loves photos and nowadays photography as a profession is developing like never before. Wedding photographer, nature photographer, wildlife photographer, etc.  are only few categories of many field of photography. People hire photographer for birthday parties, seminar, functions and many other events. So if you choose photography as your business than you will going to make a lot of money out of it. Little bit of photography skills with some editing skills, you are all set to rock your photography business. In this era, when every teen want to be model, photography is unquestionable profession in context of its demand.

  1. Room rental agency :

We all know the struggle of finding rooms when you are going some other place for temporary basis because of work or study. All even if we find the room, we cant make sure the locality or neighborhood is suitable or not. So basically, finding room for rental is a very hectic job to do and people tend to pay generously for that job than going around themselves from place to place for finding rooms. So for a business idea with small investment you can open a rental agency and list some of the vacant places of your locality. Find some clients who are searching for rooms and offer then the places. In this way, you can earn money and people will get room easily.

  1. Social media planner :

Well, social media is the best social platform in today’s  world. And let’s be honest here, every single person want to be appealing and attractive in social media. But to manage a high profile social media account is not easy and simple. It need a lot of patience and hard work. But for people who want a best social media profile and lack the knowledge you can help them out. All you need to do is plan their social media account for them and they will pay you for that. Especially celebrities hire social media planner for standard social media profile. So we can conclude that if you are good at managing  social media accounts than this business is just for you.

  1. Career counseling :

Counseling is easy for some and hard for others. If you belong to the people who can easily talk with people and counsel them then this business is something you should give a try. Gather information about some career shaping courses and possible job for various degrees that your client may want to know and then you are set to do your job. Talk with your client, understand what they want to do and provide them options of various career they may want to do and convince them that they can do it. And after that it’s time to give yourself a paycheck for the efforts.

  1. Proposal writer :

To be honest, once you get older you get to know that no matter what you study and where you work, proposal is something you to have to make. Either you want to make project report for your study or you want to propose business idea in your workplace you will need proposal everytime. And writing purpose is a systematic task and most of the fail to do even after having  degrees. If you can master the art of proposal writing then you can make a fortune by writing a formal proposal for those people .

  1. Bicycle hiring :
    We cannot deny the fact that our generation is becoming lazy due to technology but there are still some people who are adventurous and health conscious. There are people who like to spend their week off hiking or cycling to new places with their friends or family. Those people can make a place for you to start your business. You can buy few bicycle and hire the bicycle on daily or weekly basis to your client as per their requirement.
  2. Video games arena :

Teens are crazy for video games.And video games are very hard to own for every family. Furthermore, playing video games in group of friends has a different charm and fun. To be honest, video game lover are not always teens for example my uncle still loves playing video games. So opening a small video games arena can be a great idea as a small business idea. I bet a lot of teen and adult group of friends will come and various video games that you offer in your arena.

  1. Share advisor :

Share is a instrument to make you rich is the basic concept of people. That’s true to some extent. If you have enough knowledge and information then it can make you very wealthy but it can backfire too. If you are unaware about market it usually backfires.If you don’t believe me, go watch wolf of the wall street once. Just kidding. So for those kind of people who want to invest in share but don’t have knowledge regarding share you can be a medium. And as a medium you can carry on your business and make a profitable share for yourself. For a people having knowledge in share market, this can be a perfect business.

  1. Mobile hair salon :

For working people, it’s hard to manage time for personal grooming activities as they can barely manage time to spend on parlor cutting and coloring hair. Situation like this always provide a scope for business ideas. So what you can do is open a mobile hair saloon and work through a website. A lot of people will be benefited by this business  and the one getting the most benefit is going to be you. If you can cut hair, then you can cut your doubtful life and start to earn your living.

  1. Travel Blog writer  :

Writing a blog is like a hobby or a dream for every teenagers especially girls. But many people fails to understand that writing a blog can be more than a hobby. If you are good at writing  and manage to travel different places then blog writing is the interesting and profitable thing to do. It’s not like that you are going to make right away, have patience and keep working then you will reach your goal. So for the start, you can start writing the blogs for trial as a part time hobby and soon you will love what you will do and you will be paid too.

  1. Spa and sauna :

I haven’t found any person who doesn’t like grooming abit. So in the world full of such people any business providing grooming facility is going to work eventually but definitely. Among those ideas , spa and sauna can be a best start up for you as the demand is increasing day by day and there is less supply of such facilities in comparison to other business related to grooming  facilities like massages and parlors. So in my opinion, opening spa and sauna can be a great idea for business.

  1. Employment agency :

Everybody need jobs and most of them don’t know where to search for it. Every business needs workers and most of them don’t know where to search for them. So why don’t act as a mediator and earn your money out of it. Be the person who contact employer and help them to find the suitable worker who are enlisted in his agency and take commission on behalf of his service. Likewise, you can earn double money by taking commission from the worker as well who will come to your agency in the search of the work.

  1. Florist :

They say that flower business is a risky business because flowers are perishable in nature. But another fact remaining constant that high risk provide high return. Being a finance student, I can easily conclude that flower business is a profitable business. People these days tend to buy and gift flowers in every occasion either it be small as saying sorry and big occasion like wedding ceremony. Owning a flower shop is going to make you a great deal of money and great mental health ( basically, you will be always fresh and active in a shop full of flower.)

  1. Bridal consultant :

People will pay you a lot if you will help them out in a situation when they are panicked and confused. Well that kind of situation is a definition of marriage. When you will be bridal consultant, you will have many information about almost everything from dresses to accessories. From your knowledge you can make your client calm and keep supporting her in her big day and charge a lot for your  services. This business idea is a win win situation for both the business owner and the client. So in your clients big day, you can make great money.

  1. T-shirt printing :

Oh, I like that t-shirt he is wearing but where do I find that ? I love this quote and want it on my t-shirt  but where can I make this t-shirt? I want to make a couple t-shirt for us this valentine but where to make them ? Well by now you must have found a great business idea. In the competitive world, people want to be more fashionable in their own unique way. So you can customize the design of your client and print it for them as a business idea. If you are able to grab the attention of teens than you will make a great business.

  1. Street food stalls :

Yes I know eating in restaurants and café sounds fancy and even feels good. But it’s not always possible for all to eat always at restaurants  and café. So most of the people tend to have their lunch at food stalls more than in fancy restaurants. To be honest, it’s not always because of the cost factor, the taste of street food stalls are great as well. The profit per piece may be less but the total revenue is always good in street food stalls. So opening a street food stalls with local and traditional food items can be a great business idea.

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