100 Ideas on How To Handle Money In Small Business

ideas on how to handle money in small business: – Money earns money if you know how to handle it. The greatest businessman is those who can use their money well and earn greater value than they invest. To earn money, you don’t need to have millions or billion in your pocket. Small business ideas can earn you a lot of return. So, all you need to do is invest your small saving in a right way and you will be one of those successful business person.

100 ideas on how to handle money in small business

Here I will be showing you 100 ideas on how to invest your money in small business and earn gthe reater return.

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Earning Money
  1. Massage business :

If you are looking for a business with few worker, small capital and great return, massage business is for you. Even from the eyes of economists massage is profitable business as people tend to use it without bargaining and discounts as it is a luxury product. With a bit extra facility, people will be ready to pay even more. And there exist a line of product like feet massage, fish pedicure etc. for a single customer which will ultimately increases your revenue even with limited number of customers.

  1. Recycling paper :

If you can create something valuable from waste material then that is going to be profitable.  Raw material for recycle can be bought cheaply and final product can be priced highly with high margin of profit. You can start very small and earn your way eventually. Starting off by recycling the waste paper of your own house and office and be a great start for the time being. In future you can grow your business easily and effectively. Recycling paper is not only profitable to you but for the environment as well.

  1. Home tuition agency :

In present world, parents are very concerned about their child education and extra curriculum activities. But cannot give their time because of busy schedule. This is where you enter and make your share of money. Teaching them about books and few brain games is easy for you along with profitable. If you want to start a business out of it you can hire some part timers and give them won’t  cost you much but will provide you a lot.

  1. Event planner :

Events are bound to happen anytime and anywhere. People celebrate birthdays, anniversary, promotion parties, seminars etc. in a regular basis. But the preparation of such event can be hectic when the people are not used to it and to add up with that the event  can also be a disaster. So if you propose them to organize the event for them then they will definitely pay you nice for your work. Event planning gets better with time and practice and their demand is increasing in a high pace. Starting your event planning business can take you to a long way of success. My friend has done and she is doing great job earning it as well!

  1. Cupcake business :

Looking for a small business with profitable return? Cupcake business can be your cup of tea. Making cup cake is not difficult after you go through few tutorials on youtube and couple of practice sessions. And cupcake business never goes out of market cause there is and will always be  people having big sweet tooth. You can always expand your business to cakes and other bakeries items eventually. For a startup  with small money, cupcake business can come in handy with a lot of opportunities.

  1. Daycare for children :

If you ever have done babysitting for pocket money then this business plan must have hit your head. Starting a daycare for children is very profitable business if you are able to provide better facilities and please working parents. In a large scale you can hire peoples with increasing number of babies. You can start in your locality, society and can run a profitable business. Children can learn a lot from daycare than staying at home with one boring nanny so with your convincing capability  you can run a great business.

  1. Daycare for dogs :

Love for dogs shouldn’t be measured in terms of living standard. But from the observation of our society we can conclude that dogs are luxury. And people will pay their best to feed their luxury in society. Starting the business of daycare for dogs can be effective and profitable for you as most of the dog owners cannot allocate time to teach and feed them properly. In the present situation, dog daycare is being popular as people are concerned about their dogs while going to their works. Daycare for dogs can be a win win situation for both clients and business owner.

  1. Senior citizen care :

It is said when people gets old, the children in them are born again. Old people long for care, friendship, and love. In the busy world people cannot give their time to parents even they desire to spend time with them. Senior citizen care will provide a place for old people to get along with the people of their mind set and age. And it will provide you a way of investing your money for a greater return. Providing a place and few good words is all that requires for earning great fortune.

  1. DIY shop :

Do It Yourself, as the word explains itself is a way of making creative and useful things out of useless things that we find in our home. It is easy way of time pass and you can earn money out of it. Making flower vase from plastic bottles, making dreamcatcher from bangles and thread, making flower from paper etc. are some of the examples of DIY. If you are good at creative work DIY shop is just for you. You can commercialize your product in market as people prefer handmade decoration things  than machine made.

  1. Online dry cleaning :

Dry cleaning of clothes is very essential part of  everybody life. If you can open a dry cleaning service with extra advantage of picking up the clothes for dry cleaning and delivering the clothes after wash at their doorstep than there is a greater possibility of your business prospering. People are likely to use online dry cleaning facility than going themselves to the dry cleaner to deliver and pick clothes. This is a great idea to handle money in a small business.

  1. Interior designer :

If your taste in color combination, decoration items, indoor plants etc. is good than you can earn a lot from your knowledge on this subject. People hire interior design to decorate the room  for them and pay in more amount. To add up with that you can even sell decorative items in your shop while making great combination of decorative items for your clients.

  1. Paper shop industry:

Portable and convenient is what the new generation seeks. While traveling from one place to another people need portable and convenient size of daily health care product. Likewise there is a great demand of paper shop in present scenario. Starting a small business of manufacturing paper shop doesn’t require a great amount of money or labor. Even in your backyard you can start making paper shops.

  1. Dress hire shop :

In the society we live in people don’t like wearing same clothes to more than two parties. And you can take advantage of that and start your business of dress hiring. If you buy some dresses and open a dress hiring shop. People can get the dresses in low price than buying it to wear once. That is why the business will prosper. You can even categorize your customer to earn more from the business. This idea seems profitable as teens  are more likely to get attracted to this idea.

  1. Craft shop :

Getting crafty is an interesting thing to do. And earning money through this is even more interesting.  Make pots, paint pots, make canvas, knit a miniature sweater or gloves, make earing, make lockets  etc. and sell them  online or in direct market. For better business plan, you can even customize your crafts to satisfy the need of the customer.

  1. Resume service :

Even the talented and intellectual people fails when it comes to making a perfect and effective resume. Resume is like your identification when you apply for a job. And everyone want to make their identification as appealing as possible. Then you can help them creating a good resume through your business of resume service. The effective resume can provide your client with greater opportunities so they will pay you in plural digits.

  1. Car washing at your doorstep:

You cannot imagine the struggle to drag your car to the car washing center while you are enjoying the only holiday of the week. To solve that demand of the market you can open the business of car washing in the clients home itself.  You can take your portable equipment and do your work at their doorstep. You can make your money and your client can enjoy their holiday.

  1. Second hand clothes shop :

The clothes that people don’t wear are not always old. So buying and selling of secondhand clothes is one of the many small yet profitable business ideas. People sell Unused clothes in very low price and after dry cleaning the same cloth can be sold for higher prices. This is a very profitable business idea if you act as a bridge between the people of high living standard and poor people.

  1. Greeting card :

Greeting card never goes out of fashion. In the world of texts and mails, greeting card have their own standard especially the handmade greeting cards. You can use your leisure time to create beautiful handmade greeting cards for earning little money. Or you can hire few teenagers on a part time basis and run a greeting card business. Either way your business will be profitable one.

  1. Carpet dyeing :

Carpet dyeing can be a profitable business as there is possibility of large number of clients. The service may include range of facilities for various economic group of the society. Dyeing your old market to make it look new can be appealing for poor family wheareas dyeing carpet to make color combination with changing wall colors can be appealing to middleclass family. In this way you can create a business to handle your money in effective way.

  1. Referral service :

If you are the one who answers calls of your friends and relatives and end up in advising good heart doctor, lawyer, teacher, yoga instructor etc. then you are good to open a referral service. People face a lot of problem in finding the best service provider in various fields. You can make that task easy for your clients. You can even specialize in your specific area that can be health related or bank related. This type of business is fostering in present market environment.

  1. Video brochure :

Those days are long gone when people used to print a brochure and distribute it for effective marketing. In this digital era video brochure has taken over those papers. Video brochures can be more effective as we can add animation, designs which can attract people. For people who are trying to start a business can give video brochure making business a try as the demand of video brochure is increasing rapidly. With little computer skills you can fuel your business to next level.

  1. Catering :

Birthday Parties, business meeting, seminars, whatever be the reason for gatherings of people one thing is always required and that is food. As per the nature of gathering, various items are required and a business providing required food to their clients is always profitable. Even if the competition increases, the catering business can always prosper if you are able to satisfy your customer with different varieties of good food. Food is way to peoples heart and if you are smart enough food is also a way to greater profit.

  1. Packing unpacking services :

I remember the hectic work of packing and unpacking when our family had to move from one place to another. And after a long and tiring process of packing and unpacking the missing objects or broken objects can give a mini heart attack to  people. And this problem is not faced by me only. Almost every person hates this task and suffers a loss from damages that happens to the objects. In this situation, everyone would be happy to hire a packing unpacking services who will do the hectic work for us in a professional way assuring the safety of the objects. So packing unpacking service is definitely a way of investing money for better outcome.

  1. Organic farming :

To those people who cares about their health desires to buy product grown with no harmful pesticides and insecticides. If one person can grow such vegetables or fruits in their garden then their product can get high price in comparison to the fruits that are available in the market. If one owns a big piece of land then organic farming is their cup of tea. Even if you don’t own land you can lease and open organic business and earn that extra cost as well. Organic farming is profitable form of business whether  it is done in small scale or large scale.

  1. Content writing agency:

For a student, writing about a given topic is not a hectic task to do as they are habituated to do so. For a small business ideas, opening a content writing agency and hiring student on part time basis and paying them according to their work while selling the content in web pages is profitable business with small investment. This also helps student to earn pocket money which can result in high demand of the work in near future. And people knows well how to earn high profit when the demand of job is high and  supply of job is limited.

  1. Moving services :

People tend to move from one place to another for their jobs, education etc. and while moving you ought to take your belongings with you and this is one hell of a job. So people prefer to simply hire people to do that work for you. If you are looking for a small business ideas than moving service can be a interesting idea for you. With the investment of one truck and few staff , you can help people move from one place to another and people will help to increase your business and by help I mean the business that will take you to a great place.

  1. Poultry farming :

Chicken is one of most selling meat product in the whole world and its demand is unlikely to decrease in any normal circumstances. So if you can use few worker in a small area then poultry farming is best for you. If you are a meat lover then its double benefit for you as you can enjoy meat from your own farm on free, Just kidding. On a serious note, poultry farming is one of the successful ideas of handling money in small business. On a large scale you can even become supplier for restaurants and hotel chains.

  1. Homemade lunch box :

Living alone is a sigh of independence and teens are dying to be independent these days but living alone is not a easy task to do. You have to cook for yourself and ordering pizza daily is just a work of fiction. Thus in that situation lunch box service is a profitable business idea. Even for the people who are busy in schedules and works can be your regular customers. When it comes to eating on a daily basis homemade lunch boxes come in handy than other junk foods like French fries, burgers and pizza.

  1. Aquarium cleaner :

Owning fishes seems very delightful. And many people are fond of having small fishes in aquarium in their living room and bedroom. And such desires of human beings provide you with numerous business ideas.  Cleaning the aquarium is not easy as owning a fish. And you cannot even take your aquarium to cleaning shop every time you want to clean it. So foe smart people situation like is a great way to open a profitable business. You can work as a aquarium cleaner and expand your business to large area.

  1. Candle industry :

Candle industry is one of the most popular cottage industry. Making candles is easy and convenient type of small business. The demand for candles never goes down and you can make variety of products. Perfume candles, birthday candles, normal candles, cartoon candles, Fairy candles, etc. are some of the many variety of candles that one business can possibly manufacture and sell in the market. Once you make your start up candle business are easy to expand with time. From this industry you can provide employment to other people as well.

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