Top 100 Business Ideas for Food Lover

  1. Coffee Truck Business;

Coffee is big business. You can sell coffee pretty much anywhere any time of day, and people will buy it, there are many companies which bring coffee shops to every street corner, and then add a drive-thru to make coffee getting even more convenient. So, if you want then, you can bring the coffee trucks to the customers. They key to selling coffee from a truck is convenience. Yes, people want great coffee and good service. But they mostly want their coffee to be where they are at, when they want it. A coffee truck sell coffee pretty much anywhere, but some of the hot spots include outside the office, buildings, events, farmers markets etc.

  1. Grain Processing Business;

Grain processing is another food processing business which can be launched successfully by you without any worries.You can start the processing business of any grains such as wheat flour, cereal, peanut oil, corn, oatmeal. If you are looking to initiate a processed food business, then you should consider opening a plant that processes grains. This type of business is extremely rich and lucrative.

  1. Mushroom Farming;

A mushroom growing business in a few weeks can provide significant profits with significantly less capital investment to launch the business. Aindividual who has the idea of science and technology of the mushroom and owns the building to maintain the farm which would be an ideal place to start the mushroom business can involve in the business. Mushroom cultivation requires both an art such as study and experience. A person who has previously worked in a mushroom farm, can start his business in the cultivation of mushrooms.

  1. Processing of Tomatoes;

A good example of the processed food business is the processing of tomatoes; Tomato paste is eaten all over food. If you are interested in establishing a processed food business, one of the businesses you must start is the tomato paste processing and the canning company.

However, there are many brands of tomato paste that dominate the market, but in no way can stop a fixed entrepreneur who wants to start a tomato processing business. To survive in this industry, you have the key things to be good and quality products and, of course, excellent marketing and branding strategies.

  1. Food to table Restaurateur;

If you are a fierce avid cook, you know that fresh ingredients make the best food. Like the farm to table restaurant, nothing says fresh, healthy and local. In addition, the owner of a successful table-to-table restaurant helps support local farmers, thus strengthening their community through a love of healthy and fresh food.

  1. Processed fat and oil Industry;

Refined oil, cooking spray, salad cream (salad dressing), mayonnaise, peanut butter and barbecue sauce, are all the foods that are produced from processed fats and oils industry. Establishing this type of business is easy, requires a minimum initial capital and, of course, is a profitable commercial enterprise. Therefore, if you are looking for a low-budget food processing business, then you should consider moving to the processing of fats and oils.

  1. Catering Rental Services;

Catering rental services is another service-related business that an entrepreneur can launch successfully. The configuration of this type of business is easy and easy to administer. There are full-time and part-time catering services that will be out of the way to rent catering wares.

Goods such as plates, food worms, cutlery, table clothes, industrial gas cookers and drum and others are part of the goods you can rent. Just make sure you have enough catering wares and advertise your business and you will not have a problem renting people at least every weekend.

  1. Opening a Chocolate and Snack Bar;

Another highly food-related retail business that may consider starting out as an entrepreneur is a business that is easy to establish and probably has a snack and a chocolate bar with less start-up capital. It is easy to manage this type of business and it is really a profitable business, especially if you study the detailed feasibility before choosing a place for the business. You do not need special skills to execute this type of business successfully; The basic skills you need are customer service skills and business skills.

  1. BrewPub;

Brewpub business opportunities demand sufficient knowledge about microbrewery with years of experience. The Brewpub Business is actually a combination of restaurant and microbrewery, which generally provides craft beer to its customers with the tastes and flavors to different customers.

In the Brewpub business, you can offer your client a wide selection of beers, including your own beer, which makes brews on your premises. Licensing Brewpub’s business is even easier than obtaining a large-scale liquor license. Due to being a solid marketing strategy, an entrepreneur can start a Brewpub project with an adequate capital investment.

  1. Candy Making Business;

It is a wonderful idea that you can consider changing your hobby for a profitable candy business at home. The market for special candies is growing at a larger and more global level.

Edible candy is a popular alternative to flowers, and of course, you can eat them. What’s nice about candy making vs other food like fruit is that it does not perish as quickly. This makes a candy making business less expensive to start and less risky. Beside able to create fun and interesting candy designs will enable you to sell more. You can do this with regular candy you find at the store, gourmet candy or confections you make yourself. You can sell candy online through a website, offer a local delivery service or partner with gift shops in your area to re-sell them for you.

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