Top 100 Business Ideas for Food Lover

  1. Publishing Books on foods and Nutrition related topics;

Those who are interested in learning to cook, are eager to find cookbooks which can be helpful for them. If you have resource materials to create lists of different menus with recipes, you can write a book. Just make sure you work completely on the book to simplify the process of cooking different dishes and you will not have a problem selling it again. Keep in mind that the packaging of the book is very important so you can make sure that the book is well packed.

  1. Food and Nutrition Program on TV;

Do you have to broadcast a program on television? Are you a good cook? Can you teach people how to cook? If your answer to these three questions was affirmative, then you can initiate your own food and nutrition program on television, to which you can join in the services related to food.

The truth is that, if you can plan and package the program correctly, you can easily attract corporate sponsorship. Just make sure you have enough material that can take you during that period when you want to air the program. If you’re good with research, you can broadcast your food and nutrition program on television as long as you want without repeating a version.

  1. Publishing Cooking Videos;

YouTube is an important Internet tool that people are using to earn money with their skills. If you are looking to start a food service business, then you should consider going to the production and sale of the “how to” cooking videos. This is a good way to earn money. Just make sure you have many dishes in your video and you will definitely attract buyers to your videos very far, especially if you have local and intercontinental dishes in the video.

  1. Canteen Management;

Another food service business that you can launch with low investment is the promotion of the canteen. There are many organizations that are struggling to run their canteen. If you have relevant experience in this regard, you can register a business and commence providing canteen administration services to the organization.

This is a great way to get good benefits, because it will deal with the people of the working class. However, care must be taken so that you can learn to cook and learn to cook other intercontinental delicacies.

  1. Beer Making Business;

If you want to initiate a business around beer, you can brew it, teach other people how to brew it, sell equipment and supplies to home brewers and more. If you want to brew and sell your own beer, keep in mind that each state has its own licensing requirements and regulations on beer making (where it is brewed and sold and who can brew it). Commercial home brewers also need to check local zoning laws to ensure that they can operate a beer-making business on the property.

  1. Wedding Catering Services;

Catering services for weddings is the another business related to the food service that an entrepreneur can initiate successfully. This type of business involves providing catering services at wedding ceremonies. Often, it is better to separate yourself from the program planners. The big event planners hire experts to handle the different areas of the wedding, and catering for weddings is one of those areas that are usually hired.

  1. Food Delivery Services;

The food delivery service is about helping people buy and distribute food in different places. It could be offices, hospitals, camps, plains et al. You will be an intermediary between canteens, restaurants and suppliers, and customers / consumers.

For example, there are offices in which the dining rooms are not economically affordable and in the offices that can help employees to work in the purchase of food. It’s easy to start a business like this and it does not require more start-up capital. So, if you are looking to start a business related to the low-budget food service, then you should consider registering your own food delivery services.

  1. Retailing of Bread;

Roti is a stable food that people eat in all parts of the world and it is easy to find entrepreneur retailing bread for the consumer. If you are looking for a retail food business, then a business that requires little capital to get started, you should consider retailing of bread. All you have to do is ensure the delivery of bread from several bakeries and then display them in your store. This is a good way to make money, but you should make sure to sell them as soon as possible because the bread has a short life span.

  1. Fruit Mart;

The opening of a fruit market is another food retail business that an entrepreneur should consider initiating. Beyond all reasonable doubt, there is a large market for fruit.

Therefore, if you are looking to start a retail business, a business that requires less start-up capital, then you should consider opening your own fruit mart in your neighborhood. If you are looking to open your own fruit market, then you should make sure to keep those places that will help you preserve your fruit. Retail fruit sales are really a profitable business that an entrepreneur should be thinking about launching.

  1. Food Stuffs and Cooking Ingredients Shop;

You can open a store where you can take food stuffs such as rice, beans, spaghetti, pasta, corn, yams, potatoes and grains. When it comes to food retailing, you can decide to repackage them in small quantities, which can make it easier for low-income people.

In fact, one of the retail businesses that you started is likely to be thrive with little or no effort on your part is food retailing business. When selling such things, it is very important that you establish the source from where you receive these things. This is especially important so that you can get what you can at competitive prices that will help your business.

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