Top 100 Business Ideas for Food Lover

  1. Online Health Guide;

People are more aware of the importance of their health and personal fitness, due to the daily experiences caused by the devastating effects of infectious diseases. People want to eat better, practice more and live a healthy lifestyle; They are interested in knowing more about a healthy life. An online business that can provide people with healthy recipes, exercise techniques and new discoveries in the healthcare industry will generate traffic to your website.

To generate revenue, the sites are available online and provide links to health-related products, and the money can be obtained through the program’s income associated with these e-commerce sites. This type of site can generate income by selling online advertising aimed at companies involved in health and fitness.

  1. Nutrition Coach;

People worry more and more about their health and food plays an important role in feeling good. Nutrition coaches help design others and follow the meal plan, which helps them meet their health goals. Some clients may have specific problems to fight like diabetes or food allergies. Others may want to follow a specific type of diet, such as vegan or gluten-free. Although you do not need to be a registered dietitian or nutritionist, you can increase your credibility and allow you to take additional charges. Or you may consider getting certified as a nutrition coach by one of the many nutrition coaching companies.Entering into this business can be beneficial for you and will provide you good return.

  1. Food Blogger;

Many people first read food reviews or restaurants before planning to go to a restaurant or have made the point of trying out special menu items, thanks to food bloggers on the online platform that makes things easy for other foods. Food blogs have become more fashionable than the profession.

Instagram is a social network, where food bloggers have found their home. There are almost all food bloggers around the world, who have the maximum clients and followers compared to any other profession. People love to have food and are ready to pay their favorite foodblogger so they can suggest a good place to complete their heart full along with their stomachs and to be worth every penny. Even restaurants pay these food bloggers for their promotion, it’s like making money from both the restaurant and the customers. I think this is the reason why ‘cooking is love, which is visible’. So, this business can be a perfect job for food lovers.

  1. Cupcake Shop;

The market for cupcake is growing. There aren’t just for kid’s birthday parties anymore. They are now after dinner treats and even afternoon snacks. If we don’t watch out they we will soon be eating them for breakfast. All kidding aside, the expansion in this market is bringing more opportunities to crafty entrepreneurs. You just need to come up with a unique and creative cupcake idea.

Businesses are finding that they can sell more cupcakes by making them more convenient to buy. Sprinkles even started selling their cupcakes by vending machine as if it wasn’t already convenient enough to get a cupcake already. Cupcakes are becoming more glamorous and carrying a higher price tag. Now part of wedding cakes and other baked sculpture are sold in large number.It is easy to start and manage business. In addition, the retail sale of cakes is perfect for women entrepreneurs.


  1. Coffee Shop;


The cafeteria industry has been growing rapidly in the last decade. The passionate and talented entrepreneur on coffee can initiate a coffee shop business with adequate capital investment. The cafeteria is considered as the third place to work outside and the house to get relax. The cafeteria business is the best way to change your love for coffee in a company that generates profits.

You can commence the business independently or you can consider buying a franchisee. At the beginning you will need to completely install a cafeteria according to your skill and you can enjoy all the margin. On the other hand, as a franchisee of a reliable brand, you can initiate a business and get guidance in daily activity, but you should consider the commission of royalties and franchise fees.


  1. Vending Machine Business;

Starting a vending machine business does not require special skills or experience. You can initiate the purchasing of vending machine, items to sell and securing a location for your machine. The hard part comes when you are trying to find a good profitable location. You want to place your machines where human traffic is constant, but often these spots are already occupied or not available. A poor location can end up being an expensive mistake. That’s why some entrepreneurs choose to work with a franchise operation that can provide them with extra training and support as well as the business opportunity.


  1. Juice Bar;

Opening a juice bar is an attractive business in the retail food industry. A juice bar can also sell freshly squeezed juices and synthetic blends. The current trend and awareness of eating healthy foods has increased the market potential of the fresh juice industry.Person having a passion for serving someone to others can initiate this business. The most important thing is that you can initiate this business in two ways. One by opening your own brand. The second is by opening franchisee.You will find a reputable company around the world that offers franchise business. Opening your own brand is a better concept for those who have previous experiences. A franchisee is a great offer for beginners.

  1. Recipe Website Business;

For chefs who want to share their creative ideas with others instead of cooking for them, a recipe website can be the ideal solution. In addition to sharing recipes, you can teach people about various cooking methods, entertaining and even diet strategies. Setting up a recipe website can be fairly inexpensive and simply. Many recipe websites are free for visitors, as they generate income from advertisers. There are already several generic recipes sharing sites already established, so instead of trying to compete against them- choose a specialized niche. Niches like ‘gluten free recipes’ or “microwave cooking” make it easier to attract the right visitors and build a loyal following. By building a loyal following, you increase your monthly visitor, which in turn attracts more advertisers and profit.

  1. Organic Food Store;

Location of the store is the most important consideration when initiating an organic food store business. As any other retail business, the best location is the main parameter to succeed in business. With the increased awareness of healthy living, people are more interested in taking organic foods, although they are more expensive than non-organic foods. The organic food retail market is an emerging trend and is growing by 20% each year.

Write a complete business plan for your organic food store business. Specify which store category you will choose for your store of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, processed foods, etc .; How much money do you need to collect as seed money? Your business promotion strategy and mission statement. If you manage the business properly then, it will be more beneficial for you.

  1. Papad Making Business;

Taking into account the business of making money in the food industry is very lucrative. As, this business requires a low investment.Pappad is often used as an appetizer as it is consumed everywhere.

The papad business is often associated with the empowerment of women, but given the growing demand and availability of machinery, it has now developed into small-scale industry. Anentrepreneur with knowledge about marketing can initiate this business with low investment. It can also be initiated from the small-scale household location. Before commencing this business, you must make a good business plan and then work according to it. You can work in partnership or alone can do this job. This business is suitable for husband and wife, students, illiterate or any person.

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