Top 100 Business Ideas for Food Lover

  1. Photography;

Food photographers are in great demand: amazing food images are used from websites with recipes, magazines and advertisements everywhere. To initiate a food photography business, one can sell photographs, which are sold for commercial use. After making a portfolio, brochures have been made and information sent to local businesses, which can be the need of the services of restaurant photographers, hotels, caterers, bakeries, wedding cake shops and even local magazine that have gourmet section. It is a good idea to have a website, so potential customers can easily get the best shots from their portfolio and get more information about their rates and services.

  1. Video Game Development;

Those who intend to develop software or digital design and love for food, would like to consider the creation of a video game company that specializes in games with food themes. From Time Management to Tycoon Games, there are several series of games that focus on food. The trick to succeed is to develop a game concept that is not similar to the title on the market, which is affordable and has excellent gameplay and graphics. A website is very important when you initiate a video game company, and games can be promoted by distributing them through any of the larger game membership sites.

  1. Food Publicist

Creative thinking, knowing how to make the diplomatic relationship with the media and the knowledge can equally combine as a career about food activist. Anyone can be a publicist and can switch the areas of expertise or they can attend institution to obtain a degree in public relations or marketing and become a publicist in the food industry at the graduation level. The creation of a boutique public relations firm is one of those routes that many publicists take. Clients can be obtained from a famous food promotion chef and areas such as food personalities, food publications, restaurants, food manufacturing companies and food related events. So, this business can be beneficial for you.

  1. Guar Gum Manufacturing Business;

There are many uses of guar gum in the daily life. Therefore, the idea of making guar gum is a great way to initiate a small business. From the cloth to the confectionery, guar gum powder has all the qualities to make the final product more attractive.Therefore, finding a guar gum powder company is a great advantage. Nowadays, guar gum is taking it’s market and it is flourishing everywhere. SO, it is so beneficial for anyone to initiate the business.

  1. Office Food Delivery Business;

In this fast life, it is not possible for everyone to cook and carry food in their offices. Either they take their lunch or dinner from canteen or take the food delivery service. In consideration of this business, you only need to cook good quality food and distribute it to different offices, from where you get the orders. You do not have to distribute food because you can get help for it. So, entering into this business can provide you the great return.

  1. Vermicelli making Business;

Did you ever think of Vermicelli business as a good option to dive into? Well, as we all know, Vermicelli is one of the favorite snacks in Asia and other continents. This diet rich in proteins is preferred by all people, regardless of their age, caste or religion. The Vermicelli business is a very small commercial option that allows you to obtain profitable benefits. Because it is very easy to prepare and happy to eat, are a popular food in both urban and rural areas. From a commercial perspective, the product is inexpensive and can be prepared using an extrusion machine. Most importantly, the manufacturing process does not imply highly skilled labor. Therefore, if you want to take action in a small or large-scale manufacturing business, then it is a good idea to venture into Vermicelli doing business.

  1. Banana Wafer Making Business;

Bananas are highly perishable in nature. However, you can preserve it by processing for the production of banana pulp, banana chips, banana powder, etc. Banana Wafer is an innovative product which is a thin slice of fried banana until crispy. Banana chips are generally used as an appetizer, accompaniment or snack. In fact, chips are cooked and salted. In addition, you can produce different varieties using different flavors and ingredients, including seasoning, herbs, spices, cheeses and artificial additives. The manufacture of banana wafers is profitable. In addition, you can also run manufacturing operations with potato chips also.

  1. Cake decorating Business;

Whenever there are parties and other events that serve desert, cake decorating will be required. The key is to choose a specific niche and focus on a select group of clients. For the decoration of a cake, the possibility of creating unique designs is definitely important. However, consumers are now buying healthy options such as organic, low-fat or no-glucone pie. Those who provide these options can access large and growing markets. You can teach others to decorate the cake, create decorations that they can use in their own baked goods, or design baking supplies, making it easy for people to make elegant, professional-looking cakes.

  1. Bee Keeping Business;

As a beekeeper, you can produce and sell honey, among other things. People like to eat honey because it tastes good, but now there is a growing market of people buying local honey for it’s supposed health benefits. Making flavored honey is another way to gain market share, since many supermarkets don’t offer a wide variety of flavors. This makes it easier to compete in the market place, and there are a lot of adventurous eaters out there who just want to try new and different food. Offering seasonal flavors can also be a great way to inspire gift-giving. Taking this idea, a step further, bee keepers can offer a ‘flavor of the moth’ service. You can set up a website that displays packages, prices and options, and this makes gift giving and personal shopping easy.

  1. Grow and Sell Herbs Business;

If you like a garden, you can start a business from your own backyard at home. You surprisingly don’t have to have a farm or even large plot of land to sell plants, herbs or even small trees. Once you know what you want to grow and how to grow it, the next step is to find places to sell it or businesses who will buy from you. Restaurants, health food stores and food co-ops can be good places to contact. Set up a arrangements where businesses place orders from you on a regular basis, and you can end up with consistent income every week.

Writer: Poonam Neupane

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