Top 100 Small Business Ideas for Couples

  1. Data analyzer:

If you have knowledge of data analyzing, then you can try your best in this sector too. This types of job are mostly found in the business sector, or industry that may be large or medium scale. Data analyzing job also does not need any big requirement.

  1. Translator:

There are many industries who are offering their projects to some other for translation. They want to translate the language into their own. When the research and do the study on any particular subjects, then they translate it into their own language. Like if the information is available in Nepalese language but they do not understand. At that time, they provide this project to its specialist for translation and they provide better remuneration instead of it.

  1. Music instructor:

Music has now become the art of life and even the needs in some special event and function music have such raves and power that can spin out anyone’s mind. You can also open the house of music instructor and start to gives the knowledge about it by getting trained.

  1. Ghostwriter:

Writing skills have demand in every sector. There are many people who do not write their speech self. They make the speech write by other. You can trap this opportunity and can prepare the speech for them. You will get your better remuneration for it.

  1. DJ-Ing:

Nowadays youth want to take the taste and marrow of every moment. They do not want to is to celebrate any achievement. They want to dance to the beat of the music. You can also become DJ and makes other dance on the dance floor on the musical rocking beat.

  1. Laundry:

If you are absolutely on zero grounds and have no any better way to stand and stay, then you can even start the services of laundry. You can provide this service by buying washing machine which will make your work comfortable and easy. Many people offer their clothes to laundryman.

  1. Invest your money:

You can also invest your money in buying the share, debenture and other papers and bond for better future. Investing money in people means providing your money as a principle and taking interest to other will also give you good benefit. The better investment will give you the better return.

  1. Hostel:

If you have a large home, then you can even star the hostel for students by managing all the services and fulfilling the requirement. Many students want to stay in a hostel for different kinds of mental hamper and study hampers. It is also good sector to be self-employed.

  1. Carpet cleaning:

This services also you can provide in large shops stores and farms. There mostly have kept the carpet on the ground for the clean and decorating purpose. You can even take the contract for cleaning it and earn very good income according to the number of contracts you take daily.

  1. Modelling:

If you are handsome and smart, you can also join the modeling. In modeling, there is also very great opportunity to make yourself as an idol. Modeling is placed for selecting and purifying and redeveloping the person in a new form to shape them according to the special sector.

  1. Handmade Jewellery:

People are also nowadays crazy for wearing the handmade jewelry than readymade. Most of the woman gives their personal order to design because they want to wear according to their own designed ornament. So you can also take the order and deliver them by designing according to orders.

  1. Junk removal services:

You can also open the store of junk removing. In the much electronic product as well as in software. There exist the junk after long time use which even damages the processing of that machines and computers etc. You can make them fresh by providing the services.

  1. Wedding manager:

There exist many things and many things have to manage in the wedding ceremony. You can also take an order of managing all which will also reduce the pressure on family members. You can provide these services to them and earn the better earing without any big investment.

  1. Tattoo marker:

Stamping or printing the tattoo on the body has also become the fashion for youth. They are printing it on their body.

  1. Media reporting:

You can even take the membership of media to send them the report of any pieces of evidence by contacting them. You will be given money for every reporting.

  1. Function decorator:

You can operate these types of service based business from online and gives the services. you will get better opportunity to enlarge up to the business.

  1. Shoes and sleeper designer:

You can also start the business of designing the shoes and sleeper of ladies and gents both by taking demands and sell it online or directly.

  1. Insurance agent:

If you do not want to invest, then become the insurance agent and sell the policy.

  1. Stock cleaner:

You can also clean and decorate the stock by taking the order.

  1. Book library:

By purchasing some of the books of every sector, you can also start the mini paid library.

  1. Data entry:

You can also work as data entry.

  1. Online plumbing:

Make available the services of plumbing from online order taking.

  1. Dance club:

This is also the option that you can operate your business.

  1. Waiter:

You can even work as a waiter.

  1. Elephant riding:

Buys the Elephant and use it as business assets by making other riding and visiting some natural places.

Writer: Susan Basel

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