Top 100 Small Business Ideas for Couples

  1. Fashion designing:

This is also one of the most increasing businesses which are highly in demand. People of today are upgrading self with new fashion and styles. Fashion in clothes and their looking styles have the great impact on personal personality. You can also go through where is also great possibilities of better earning.

  1. Consultant:

The consultant has two parts. one is becoming the consultant of drugs and other related to education and career. So if you things yourself better in the suitable title, you can start it. A consultant can be opened by two men at starting phase and both couples will be perfect. Dealing with people and motivating in related sector positively and then inspiring and encouraging is really the great respectful job which you can start.

  1. Drugs free campaigner:

It will be also your social works and praised by the society and other unknown people. Nowadays many youths are being gone addicted to a rapid number. So to control then, and avoid them from its touch, you can even start the great campaign and sell your drugs free medicine. It will make you popular along with rich.

  1. Sell the painted arts:

Some people have amazing skills which are even said as god gift. But practice makes perfect is also applicable in most dealing and steps. If you hire the painter who can create the image by looking the man in front of him instantly within few minutes, then you will be paid better.

  1. Jewellery designer:

This is also the best job which you can start with very lower investment and without any long procedure. Many people are fashionable and they wear even the different designed gold and ornament. You can also start it as your full time or part time business according to your available time. It must be started in the urban area in the bulk of people.

  1. Astrologer house:

This is also the best ideas for doing business in town or in the village. If you have knowledge about it then it will be very good if not you can even admit one good astrologer. There even lies many people who belie on its effects and does their works according to it.

  1. Red rose plantation and selling:

If you have some areas of land in the home having mold soil, it will also make you both engage it in flowering, watering, planting and supplying. It will also become a shop and daily works. Red rose has high demand in the market because it is needed in every ceremony to the surrounding smelled.

  1. Fresh juice maker:

This is also the very small business can be operated in very low investment. It can be opened in any street for some period of time especially from morning to noon for more earning. Fresh juice is liked by everyone and they will surely taste it. The fruits should be fresh and non-rotten. Everybody wants to takes it because it is healthy and even cheap than other big hotels.

  1. Printing the plates:

It means that you can print the brochures of school, college, medicine or any advertisement company. This is also most used and stable business. Its works are transacted every day. Many people, leaders, colleges, and different advertising company makes their publishment and advertisement through it also.

  1. Driving coaching center:

This is also very much in demand. People are increasing and their hobbies and needs are increasing as well as their vehicles are also increasing. To run their own vehicle they need the license. And for a license, they have to first learn to ride which is only possible to achieve after visiting the coach.

  1. Advertising agency:

This is also the broad marketing concept. The advertisement is needed in every sector that may be high costly or low cost which is determined the quality and effect of advertisement. Creative man can good do and best in very few times. And I think you can do it better if you have to create ideas to tackle with and start it.

  1. Data entry services:

In this sector, also, you can give shape to your career and life. There is much company who provide the document to make it an entry in the computer because they have not the time to do it. They even do it to minimize the cost. Data entry can be started from home also or making contact places at the market also.

  1. Air ticketing:

Now the people have become higher. And they also think like the high person because the world is around them. people do not go to take the ticket in the airport rather done confirmation from ticketing place. You can also provide these kinds of services to your customer by charging very few at the initial phase.

  1. Matrimonial services:

as we know there are many sites which are busy in closing the boys and girls to form the relation and marriage. but all the relationship which are formed through indirect contact does not have the long and happy life. so you can do the works of seeking the perfect bride for bridegroom and bridegroom for the bride after taking the demands and you can even charge the commission for this services.

  1. Kandy and chocolate:

Chocolate and Kandy is favorite for children and kids. They are great liker and lovers of it. Bou can also start the shop of this at more children living area for a better transaction and earn. Then nowadays, girls and adults are likely to have it.

  1. Motivational speaker:

This is also the best sector where you make your own identity. You can gain popularity as well as respect too. a motivational speaker is also known as the mentor. A motivational speaker has two fields. One is a religious speaker and another is personal life-based. According to you wish, you can start up.

  1. Security guard:

Most people who have a strong body and have great stamina along with fearless have also good remarks and value in the security guard. You can become the guard of the any rich person, or any offices or organization according to your chance, and dedication. People also earn too much from this and even feels happy to do it.

  1. Home rent seeker:

In crowded town and large town, there exist it as a burning problem. If you are local and have knowledge of every location. Then you can also start it as your professional works. Many people do not have time to search the room, flats, shutters, and stores etc. So they give responsibility to them. Instead of it, you can even charge the fees from both side, customer and house owner too.

  1. Pet trainer:

There are many people who have habits and even hobbies of keeping a pet like dogs, cat, and other animals also. Some even pet the world animals. There are many people who are an animal lover. You can also apply for it to make the pet trained and smart to deal with the person.

  1. Tourist guide:

This is also the main works which you can start without any investment. But it needs knowledge about the related places. you can share your knowledge and proper information about the places to tourist to make them believed. Doing tourist guiding job will also make you great.

  1. Party hall organizers:

This is also the best job which you can start self or even do as employees in others. But it will better if you open your own contact shop for better earnings. There exist many parties in regular terms because of many function and program in a daily manner.

  1. Physical trainers:

This can be also done to make your own position. Many of the people hire the personal fitness person. For it, you have to be fit and have knowledge of all the medical terms and condition to make them fit. You can do it without any investment and earn is also acceptable not so low.

  1. Online seller:

If you have internet in your home. Then you can open your shop in a home on the internet. From there also you can earn the good income. now the world is available on the internet and many people are sharing their ideas, views, desires etc. on the internet. you can also sell it some products from online.

  1. Repairing center:

Many people nowadays have their own vehicle and they do their works from it. They even suffer from its defaults and problems. Repairing center is only the shop which is transacted everywhere where there is incoming and outgoing of the road. You can also earn very good income from it with high margin and low investment.

  1. Automobile washing house:

If you have a null pocket and even you have the desire to open any business, then automobile washing center will best option to start up. Many people owed car and even they do not wash. You can provide them shop services as well home services which they demand. Washing automobile does not need time but has good earnings.

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